Engineer: A Static Website Generator for Fellow Engineers


Are you looking for documentation on the pre-release version of Engineer? If so, you can find them here:

  • The current release version of Engineer is version 0.5.1.
  • This documentation is for version 0.5.1-8-g1fdcae5.

At its core, Engineer is a static website generator. In other words, Engineer let’s you build a website from a bunch of files - articles written in Markdown, templates, and other stuff - and outputs another bunch of files - HTML, mostly - that you can then copy wherever you want. It has some very nice Features that will make you happy, but it’s not for everybody.

Engineer was inspired by Brent Simmons, Marco Arment’s Second Crack, Jekyll, Octopress, and Hyde.


The Engineer documentation is a work in progress. It is by-and-large up-to-date and the most relevant sections are complete, but some of the more ‘advanced’ sections are not yet complete.

Bugs and Feature Roadmap

If you find any bugs in Engineer please file an issue in the Github issue tracker (or fork and fix it yourself and send me a pull request). Feature ideas and other feedback are welcome as well!

Narrative Documentation

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