Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I...

...change my site theme?

You can change the theme for a site using the THEME setting in your settings file. You’ll need to specify the ID for the theme.

...use a custom RSS feed URL, e.g. Feedburner?

See the FEED_URL setting.

...add a flat page, like an ‘about’ or ‘contact’ page?

If you have an already-generated HTML page that you just want to put in your site, the Raw Content feature might be what you’re looking for. More likely, though, you’ll want to take advantage of Template Pages, which provide a simple way to create flat pages while inheriting the look and feel of your site theme.

...add custom JavaScript or CSS?

If you need to load additional JavaScript or CSS in your site, you can use the _scripts_top.html, _scripts_bottom.html, and _stylesheets.html Template Fragments.

For example, to load the Google Analytics JavaScript on your pages, you might add a _scripts_top.html template fragment to your site’s templates folder, then paste the Google Analytics <script> tag into that file. All pages in your site will then include the Google Analytics JavaScript. Similarly, you can use the _stylesheets.html template fragment to include additional CSS or LESS stylesheets.

...hook up Google Analytics (or another analytics system)?

See How do I add custom JavaScript or CSS? which explains how to add custom JavaScript, including the Google Analytics JavaScript, to your site pages.

...add a favicon or robots.txt file?

The Raw Content feature of Engineer can handle this. For example, to add a robots.txt file to the root of your site, put the file in the CONTENT_DIR of your site (defaults to content).

See also

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...put my site at a non-root path on my domain, such as

You can set the HOME_URL setting in your settings file as needed.